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Tobogganing at Kin Park in Rideau Lakes

Don’t fight off winter this year – embrace it with sledding in Rideau Lakes! Burn off some of that candy-cane induced energy at the Kin Park toboggan hill.

Bundle up and set out for Kin Park near Portland to discover the unofficial meeting spot for tobogganing in Rideau Lakes: big enough that it’s a thrill, but small enough that it’s not daunting for little ones.

The home of baseball, soccer, and summer fun turns into a winter wonderland in the snowy season, when the hill at 2311 Harlem Road sees kids sliding into some core memories.

The hill at Kin Park is located behind the canteen building. Visitors young and old enjoy bringing their sleds, tubes, toboggans and even beginner snowboards, to feel the excitement of one of Canada’s favourite winter pastimes.

Tobogganing is the perfect way to spend an afternoon during the holiday break from school. There is plenty of plowed, free parking on site and Kin Park is a fun spot to gather with friends.

The toboggan hill at Kin Park is available for use at your own risk, as weather permits. As always, use common sense while tobogganing. Wait for others to be well out of the way before starting to slide and look for a clear path all the way down.

Don’t forget to grab a warm drink or a hearty and healthy bite to eat at the Recess Café beforehand, or order some take out on the way home from Stoodley’s in Elgin. Be sure to check out the children’s menu there for delicious kid-approved meals like mac and cheese, chicken and cheese quesadilla, and even a mini calzone.

Slip slide into the new year – while sledding in Rideau Lakes!

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