Upcoming Meetings

COA / PAC Meeting
October 28, 1:00 pm

Economic Development Committee
November 2, 9:00 am

November 2, 6:00 pm

MSC - PW Meeting
November 9, 1:00 pm

Committees of Council

The Accessibility Advisory Committee assesses and makes recommendations to Council to assist in promoting and facilitating a barrier-free Township for citizens of all abilities.

Terms of Reference Accessibility Advisory Committee

By-Law 2019-14 – Establish Accessibility Advisory Committee & Terms of Reference

Council Member:  Bob Lavoie
Public Members:  Kimberley Brown (Chair), Tammy Day, Kathleen Small, Lorie Truemner, Melissa Willis

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment receives and hears delegations, considers and makes decisions on Minor Variance Applications, and reviews and makes Recommendations to Council on By-Laws to set regulations, policies and fees for said Applications.

By-Law 2010-112-Establish Committee of Adjustment

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee considers and makes Recommendations to Council on Planning Applications such as: consents, subdivision plans, site plan control, Official Plan and/or Zoning By-Law amendments, condominiums, mining operations, etc.

By-Law 2010-113 – Establish Planning Advisory Committee

The Committee of Adjustment and the Planning Advisory Committee meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month at 1:00 p.m. at Chantry Municipal Office.

Chair:  Councillor Ron Pollard
Council Members:  Jeff Banks, Carolyn Bresee, Joan Delaney, Ron Pollard, Mayor Hoogenboom
Staff:  Brittany Mulhern, Manager of Development Services; Malcolm Norwood, Senior Planner; and Meg McCallum, Development & Emergency Management Coordinator. 

These seven committees provide local leadership through outreach, planning, coordination and oversight as it relates to community services provided by the Township including Community Halls, Recreation, Events, and Beautification.  The CECs provide input to Council on issues of major concern and importance to their respective communities.

Each Community Enhancement Committee has the option to establish sub-committees to address various aspects, services or events within their community.  The CECs are the umbrella organizations for our hundreds of Township of Rideau Lakes volunteers.

Terms of Reference Community Enhancement Committees

By-Law 2019-23 – Establish Community Enhancement Committees (CECs) & Terms of Reference

Delta & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Includes Chantry, Delta, Philipsville, Plum Hollow

Council Member:  Carolyn Bresee
Community Members:  Tanis Cowan (Secretary), Doug Cowley, Colleen Hickey (Chair), Tao Hipwell, William Morris, Jennifer Palmer, Pat Phillips, Liz Priebe, Joanne van Dreumel
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator 

Elgin & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Includes Chaffeys Lock, Crosby, Elgin

Council Member:  Joan Delaney
Community Members:  Reinhart Bigl, Robert Butcher (Chair), Barbara McBride (Treasurer), Jeanette Rice, June Smith, Jim Summers
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator

Morton & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Includes California, Jones Falls, Morton

Council Member:  Claire Smith
Community Members:  Susan Alford (Secretary), Victoria Boyd (Chair), Ken Davies, Linda Gamble (Treasurer), Linda Godin, Maureen Hordeychuck, Cathy Mallen, Peter Mallen, Carol Sutcliffe
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator 

Newboro & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Council Member:  Bob Lavoie
Community Members:  Nicki Doria, Debbie Foster (Secretary), Peter Frey (Treasurer), Diana Kemp, Tammy McIvor, Monique Vandewint, John Welsh (Chair), Mary White
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator 

North Crosby & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Council Member:  Ron Pollard
Community Members:  Joan Duncan, Barbara Fritz, Barb Lavoie (Chair), Dana Menger, Donna-Marie Owen, Lori Pineau
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator

Portland & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Includes Forfar, Harlem, Portland

Council Member:  Cathy Livingston
Community Members:  Buzz Boles, Virginia Bourget (Chair), Elizabeth Church, Larry Cochran (Treasurer), Conor Desmond, Pat Evans, Jeanne Hill, Claire Jacobs, Marianne Klein-Gunnewiek, Jane Willms (Secretary)
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator 

South Elmsley & Area Community Enhancement Committee

Includes Lombardy, Rideau Ferry

Council Member:  Marcia Maxwell
Community Members:  Karl Fiander, June Finless (Chair), Jane Graham, Charles Harrison, Karen McPhail (Secretary), Connie Scott
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator (interim Treasurer) 

The mandate of the Economic Development Committee includes the following:

  • to generate better understanding of the economic development needs and opportunities in the Township of Rideau Lakes
  • to provide advice and recommendations to Council on matters of economic development
  • to work in a distinct and/or complimentary role with other economic development and business sector organizations
  • to implement a program of work within the approved resource allocation

The Committee is comprised of the Mayor and 4 Councillors, and up to 2 optional at-large members.

By-Law 2017-57 – Establish Economic Development Committee

This Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 9am at the Municipal Office in Chantry.

Chair:  Councillor Claire Smith
Council Members: Mayor Hoogenboom, Bob Lavoie, Cathy Livingston, Marcia Maxwell,  Claire Smith
Public Members:  Jennifer Campbell, Sharen Symondson
Staff:  Mike Dwyer, Chief Administrative Officer; and Meg McCallum, Development & Emergency Management Coordinator.

This committee operates and manages the Elgin Seniors Housing, a 12-unit complex of seniors’ affordable housing in Elgin.  It consists of 3 members of council, 2 voting members of the public and 1 non-voting resident of Elgin Seniors Housing.

By-Law 2011-87 – Establish Elgin Seniors Housing Board

Chair:  Linda Carr
Council Members: 
Mayor Hoogenboom, Bob Lavoie
Public Members:  Linda Carr, Ron Holman, Jim Stedman
Elgin Seniors Housing Resident:  Shirley Dowell
Staff:  Brittany Mulhern, Manager of Development Services.

This committee manages the operations of the Lower Beverley Lake Park in Delta.  The committee consists of 4 members of Council and 3 at-large members from the area of the Village of Delta.

By-Law 2010-5 – Establish Lower Beverley Lake Park Management Board

Chair:  Penny Sawyer
 Arie Hoogenboom
Council Member:  Joan Delaney
At-Large Members:  Brent Rathwell, Penny Sawyer, Hazel Wykes
Staff:  William Morris, Park Manager; Dave Schur, Deputy Treasurer.

This Committee advises Council on current heritage conservation legislation; assists in the preparation of Municipal Legislation to conserve heritage properties and areas; and implements programs and activities to increase public awareness and knowledge of heritage and conservation issues. See What a Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee Does on the Ontario Government website

By-Law 2005-71 – Establish Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC)

Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at the Chantry Municipal Office.

Council Member:
  Cathy Livingston
Committee Members:  George German, David Gwynne, Diane Haskins, Betty James, Allison Smith, Sue Warren
Staff:  Mary Ellen Truelove, Clerk.

This Committee provides a venue for lake associations to network with each other and identify and share best practices, common concerns and emerging trends.  It also provides advice and recommendations to the municipality on a broad range of municipal matters that impact lake health, lake residents and other lake users.

By-Law 2019-25 – Establish Lake Association Programs

Chair:  Mayor Hoogenboom
Council Members: 
 Ward 1 Bastard & South Burgess:  Councillor Bresee, Ward 2 South Elmsley:  Councillor Maxwell, Ward 3 South Crosby:  Councillor Smith, North Crosby-Newboro:  Councillor Pollard
Lake Association Representatives:

Lake Association Primary Alternate
Bass Lake Property Owners Association Bill St. Jean Peter McGann
Big Rideau Lake Association Grant Leslie Phil Albert
Birch Island Resident Property Owners Assoc. Rory Gooderham  
Chaffeys and Area Lakes Association Heather Arnold  Eva Leon
Crosby Lake Association Martha Lush  
Lower Beverley Lake Association Tom Heinze Joe Kelly
Opinicon East Cottagers’ Association Stephen Smith Buddy Penniston
Opinicon Property Owners Community Cynthia Wright Steve Hebert
Otter Lake Landowners Association Karl Fiander Doug Franks
Sand Lake Estates Ken Watson Peter O’Neill
Thomas Road West Association Andre Dubois Brian McDonald
Troy Lake Ratepayers Association Steve Lauridsen Don Orr
Upper Rideau Lakes Association John McDowell John Cottrill
Wolfe Lake Association Margie Manthey Peter Neve

This Board oversees the operation of the Rideau Lakes Public Library by determining which services are offered by the library and by seeking funding for the library from the Municipality and other granting bodies.

Public Libraries Act

By-Law 2000-117 – Consolidated Establish Rideau Lakes Public Library Board

Chair:  Maxine Weber
Council Member:
 Marcia Maxwell
Committee Members:  Pam Cairncross (Treasurer), Mandy Fleming, Peggy Fletcher, Doug Franks (Vice-Chair), Derik Hodgson, Howard Sedding, Maxine Weber, Becky White-Thompson
Staff:  Vicki Stevenson, CEO

The mandate of the Youth Advisory Council includes the following:

  • to generate better understanding of the recreation and leisure needs and opportunities in Rideau Lakes for youth
  • to provide advice and Recommendations to Council on matters of youth
  • to work in a distinct and/or complimentary role with other sector organizations
  • to implement a program of work consistent with its mandate, and within the approved resource allocation

The Committee is comprised of 3 Members of Council, and up to 6 At-Large Members under the age of 25 and representing youth in Rideau Lakes.

Terms of Reference Youth Advisory Council

Res #104-2016 – Youth Advisory Council & Terms of Reference

Council Members:  Jeff Banks, Cathy Livingston
At-Large Members:  Hailee Banks, Melissa Crump, Gina Gordon, Mackenzie Haskin, Nate High, Aletha Smith, Clara Sonstenes
Staff:  Leila Stafford, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator.

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