Garbage Day by Road Listing

Find Your Pickup Day

Street Pickup Day
Acres Lane Monday *
Adrains Creek Lane Monday *
Angels Lane Monday
Anglers Lane Monday *
Anglican Church Rd (County Rd 1) Friday
Autumn Drive Friday
B1 (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday
B10 (SE) Thursday *
B11 (SE) Thursday *
B11A (SE) Thursday
B12 (SE) Thursday
B2 (SE) Thursday
B3 (SE) Thursday
B3A (SE) Thursday
B4 (SE) Thursday
B5 (SE) Thursday
B5A (SE) Thursday
B5B (SE) Thursday
B6 (SE) Thursday *
B6A (SE) Thursday *
B6B (SE) Thursday *
B7 (SE) Thursday *
B8 (SE) Thursday *
B9 (SE) Thursday *
Bacchus Island Road Friday
Badgers Drift Lane Monday *
Baker Road Thursday
Barbs Lane Monday *
Barklow Lane Monday *
Barmey Point Road Monday *
Barred Owl Lane Monday *
Barrel Point Road Monday *
Bass Lake Road Thursday
Bass Road Wednesday
Basswood Crescent Friday
Battams Road Tuesday
Bay Ridge Lane Monday *
Bay Road Friday
Bay Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Bays End Lane Monday *
Bayview Lane Monday *
Beachs Road Wednesday
Beaver Lodge Lane Wednesday
Bedore Lane Monday *
Benson Lake Lane Monday *
Beverley Haven Estates Wednesday
Big Crosby Lake Road Tuesday
Big Rideau Lake Road Wednesday
Birch Lane Friday
Black Jack Lane Wednesday *
Black Smith Road Thursday
Blair Point Lane Monday *
Blanchards Hill Road Thursday
Blockhouse Lane (Newboro) Tuesday *
Blue Heron Lane Monday *
Bobcat Lane Monday *
Bobiak Road Monday *
Bourne Lane Monday *
Boyd Lane Monday *
Brady Road Monday *
Brier Hill Road Tuesday
Briton-Houghton Bay Road (County Road 38) Thursday
Broadview Avenue Friday
Brock Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Brooks Point Road Monday *
Bryant Lane Monday *
Buffalo Drive Tuesday
Bumblebee Lane Monday *
Bunkie Lane Monday *
Bunnys Lane Monday
Burts Camp Road Monday *
Bush Road Tuesday
Buttercup Lane Monday *
By Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Byrnes Road Tuesday
Cachet Drive Friday
Campbell Street (Portland) Wednesday
Canal View Lane Monday *
Capo Lane Monday *
Carleton Street (Newboro) Tuesday *
Cedar Bridge Road Monday *
Cedar Crescent (Elgin) Wednesday
Cedar Lane Friday
Cedar Sands Road Monday *
Cedar Valley Road Wednesday
Centre Street Monday *
Centreville Road Tuesday
Chaffeys Lock Road (County Road 9) Tuesday
Chamberlin Lane Monday *
Chantry Road Wednesday
Charland Road Wednesday
Charlie Lane Monday *
Cheetham Road Wednesday
Cherry Lane Friday
Church Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Circle Drive (off Cty Rd 42) Tuesday
Circle Drive (off Salmon Sideroad) Friday
Clear Lake Road Tuesday
Colbourne Street (Portland) Wednesday
Coons Road Wednesday
Cooper Road Wednesday
Cordwood Point Lane Monday *
Cottonwood Drive Monday *
County Road 1 Thursday
County Road 10 (to Kingston) Tuesday
County Road 10 (to Perth) Tuesday
County Road 11 (Jones Falls Rd) Tuesday
County Road 12(Salem Road) Tuesday
County Road 14 (Narrows Lock Rd) Tuesday
County Road 17 (Jasper Hwy) Friday
County Road 29 Friday
County Road 36 (to Perth) Tuesday
County Road 38 (Briton-Houghton Bay Rd) Thursday
County Road 42 (Hwy 15 at Crosby to Earl Rd) Wednesday
County Road 42 (Hwy 15 at Crosby to Westport) Tuesday
County Road 5 Wednesday
County Road 8 Wednesday
County Road 9 (Chaffeys Lock Rd) Tuesday
Court Street (Delta) Wednesday
Cove Road Wednesday
Creek Crossing Lane Monday *
Crosby Road Tuesday
Cross Road (off Cedar Valley Rd) Wednesday
Cross Road (off Davis Lock Rd) Tuesday
Curtis Lane Monday *
Dargavel Road Monday *
Davis Lane Friday
Davis Lock Road (from Hwy 15 to end) Tuesday
Day Road Wednesday
Daytown Road Wednesday
Deadlock Bay Road Monday *
Deans Island Road Monday *
Deercrest Lane Monday *
Delong Road Monday *
Delta Road Wednesday
Dennison Drive Wednesday
Deuces Lane Monday *
Diane Drive Friday
Downhill Lane Monday *
Dr. Johns Lane Monday *
Dragonfly Lane Monday *
Drummond Street (Cty Rd 42) (Newboro) Tuesday
Duck Bay Lane Monday *
Dunder View Lane Monday *
Eagle Point Road Monday *
Earl Dwyre Road Wednesday
Earl Road Wednesday
Eden Road Monday *
Edna Lane Monday *
Edwards Bay Lane Monday *
Egan Lane Monday *
Elliot Bay Road Monday *
Elmsley Lane Friday
Eric Hutcheson Road Friday
Evergreen Lane Monday *
Fairlane Drive Friday
Fairview Road Wednesday
Family Lane Friday
Fern Valley Lane Monday *
Fieldgate Lane Monday *
Fire Road 11 -1 Monday *
Fire Road 5-1 Monday *
Fire Road 5-2 Monday *
Fire Road 5-3 Monday *
Fire Road 5-4 Monday *
Fire Road 577 Monday *
Fire Road 7-3/524 Monday *
Fire Road 7-4/573 Monday *
Fire Road 7-5/575 Monday *
Foley Mountain Lane Monday *
Folly Road Monday *
Ford Crescent Friday
Forest Drive Friday
Forfar Road Wednesday
Forgotten Lane Monday *
Forresters Landing Drive Tuesday
Forresters Landing Drive (private section) Monday *
Fortune Line Road Tuesday
Foundry Street (Delta) Wednesday
Fox Run Drive Monday *
Frank Green Road Tuesday
Franklin Drive Tuesday
Franks Road Tuesday
Frayn Road Thursday
Freeland Road Wednesday
Freeman Road Wednesday
Friendship Lane Monday *
Gallipeau Drive Friday
Gamble-Sly Road Tuesday
Garrett Road Tuesday
George Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Gibson Road Tuesday
Gilchrist Lane Thursday
Glovers Road Tuesday
Golf Club Road Friday
Golf Course Road Tuesday
Gordon Road Wednesday
Grady Road Tuesday
Grady Road East Tuesday
Granite Heights Monday *
Griffith Lane Monday *
Grosbois Lane Monday *
Groulx Road Wednesday
Hackney Drive Friday
Haggerty Lane Monday *
Hairpin Lane Monday *
Halladay Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Hanlon Bay Road Monday *
Hanna Road Wednesday
Harlem Road Wednesday
Harris Point Lane Monday *
Harry Seeley Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Hart Creek Road Monday*
Hartsgravel Road Wednesday
Healey Road Wednesday
Herman Drive Monday *
Heron Lane Monday *
Hidden Lane Monday *
High Point Lane Monday *
Hillside Lane Monday *
Hopper Lane Monday *
Horace Drive Wednesday
Horans Lane Monday *
Horseshoe Lane Monday *
Hossack Road Wednesday
Howard Lane Monday *
Hudson Bay Lane Monday *
Hughs Lane Monday *
Hughs Road Wednesday
Hunters Road Friday
Hutchings Road Tuesday
Hwy 15 (Cedar Valley Rd to CR 1) Thursday
Hwy 15 (CR 1 to Smiths Falls) Friday
Hwy 15 (Cty Rd 42 to Cedar Valley Rd) Wednesday
Hwy 15 (Morton to Cty Rd 42) Tuesday
Indian Lake Road Tuesday
Iona Lane Monday *
Iron Bridge Lane Monday *
Iron Lane (Delta) Wednesday
Isthmus Road Tuesday
James Street (Morton) Tuesday
Jasper Hwy (County Road 17) Friday
Jeannine Lane Monday *
Jennys Lane Monday *
John Street (Delta) Wednesday
John Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Jones Falls Road (County Road 11) Tuesday
Joseph Way Friday
Judd Street (Morton) Tuesday
JW Lane Monday *
Kanes Lane Monday *
Kelly Road (off Cty Rd 10) Tuesday
Kellys Road (off Hwy 15) Friday
Kenney Road Tuesday
Kerr Road Tuesday
Kestrel Lane Monday *
King Street (Delta) Wednesday
Kingston Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Kitley Bastard Townline Rd Wednesday
Kitley S Elmsley Townline Rd (Blanchard’s Hill to CR 1) Thursday
Kitley S Elmsley Townline Rd (CR 1 to CR 17) Friday
Knapp Street Wednesday
Laforty Lane Wednesday *
Lake Street Wednesday
Lakeshore Drive Wednesday
Lakeside Lane Tuesday *
Lambs Den Lane Monday *
Lawton Lane Monday *
LB1 Monday *
LB10 Monday *
LB11 Monday *
LB12 Monday *
LB13 Monday *
LB2 Monday *
LB5 Wednesday *
LB6 Wednesday *
LB7A Wednesday *
LB9 Monday *
Ledge Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Leeland Drive Friday
Legacy Lane Monday *
Leisure Point Road Tuesday
Leisure Point Road (private section) Monday *
Lennon Road Tuesday
Leo Lane Monday *
Lilly Lane Monday *
Little Cedar Bridge Road Monday *
Little Crosby Lake Road Tuesday
Little Lake Road Tuesday
Little Rideau Lake Road Tuesday
Livingston Lane Monday *
Lloyds Lane Monday *
Lock Road (Newboro) Tuesday
Lockwood Lane Wednesday
Loon Lake Lane Monday *
Love Lane Monday *
Lower Beverley Lake Park Road Wednesday
Loyalist Lane Monday *
Lynn Lane Monday *
Macdonald Island Road (R32) Monday *
Macdonalds Road Wednesday
Maggies Lane Monday *
Mahon Road Thursday
Mahoney Bay Road Monday *
Main Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Main Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Main Street (Portland) Wednesday
Major Lane
Mallen Road Tuesday
Maple Avenue (Elgin) Wednesday
Maple Grove Lane Monday *
Maplecroft Lane Monday *
Mapleridge Drive Friday
March Lane Monday *
Marina Road Monday
Marks Lane Monday *
Mary Street (Morton) Tuesday
Mathew Street (Delta) Wednesday
Maurice Lane Monday *
McAndrews Road Tuesday
McAndrews Road East Tuesday
McBride Point Drive Monday *
McCann Road (east side of CR 14) Wednesday
McCann Road (west side of CR 14) Tuesday
McCarthy Lane Monday *
McCaw Road Friday
McEwen Lane Monday *
McLaren Lane Monday *
McNallys Lane Monday *
McNamee Lane Monday *
Meadow Lane Monday *
Melgus Lane Monday *
Merganzer Lane Monday *
Mill Creek Drive Wednesday
Miller Lane Monday *
Millflat Lane Monday *
Mon’Okel Road Tuesday
Mooneys Bay Lane Monday *
Moran Road Thursday
Morningside Drive Friday
Morton Bay Lane Monday *
Mother Barnes Road Wednesday
Moulton Farm Lane Monday *
Mountain View Lane Monday *
MP1 Monday *
MP12 Monday *
MP2 Monday *
MP2A Monday *
MP4 Monday *
Muchmore Road Tuesday
Mulley Lane Monday *
Mulville Bay Lane Monday *
Murphy Bay Road (off Big Rideau Lake Rd) Wednesday
Murphy Bay Road (Private Section) Monday *
Murphy Road (off Big Crosby Lake Rd) Tuesday
Murray Road Monday *
Mustard Road Wednesday
Myers Road Wednesday
Narrows Lock Camp Road Monday *
Neils Bay Lane Monday *
New Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Newboyne Road Wednesday
Newport Lane Monday *
Nicks Lane Monday *
Noonan Road Tuesday
North Shore Road Tuesday
Norwood Road Tuesday
O1 (off Otterlake Road) Thursday
O10 (off Hwy 15) Thursday
O11 (off Hwy 15) Thursday
O11A Thursday
O11B Thursday
O12 (off Frayn Rd) Thursday
O2 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday
O3 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O4 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday
O5 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O5A (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday
O5B (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday
O6 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O7 (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O7A (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O7B (off Otterlake Rd) Thursday *
O8 (off Sugarbush Hill) Monday *
O8A (off Sugarbush Hill) Monday *
O8B (off Sugarbush Hill) Monday *
O9 (off Hwy 15) Thursday *
Oak Heights Lane Monday *
Old Hwy 15 Thursday
Old Kingston Rd Thursday
Old Mountain Rd (private section) Tuesday
Old Mountain Road Tuesday
Omeara Bay Lane Monday *
Onion Spring Road Wednesday
Opinicon Road Tuesday
Osprey Lane Monday *
Otterdale Estates Friday
Otterlake Road Thursday
Overlook Lane Monday *
Owls Roost Lane Monday *
Paddy Lane Monday *
Palmer Lane Wednesday
Parish Road Tuesday
Park Street (Morton) Tuesday
Patterson Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Pegg Road Thursday
Penny Lane (off Little Rideau Lake Road) Monday *
Penny Lane (off Thomas Rd) Monday *
Perth Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Perth Street (Portland) Wednesday
Philpott Lane Monday *
Pilgrim Lane Wednesday *
Pine Glen Road Monday *
Pine Ridge Road Monday *
Pinecrest Lane Monday *
Pineview Drive (Elgin) Wednesday
Pipers Bay Lane Monday *
Plum Hollow Road Wednesday
Polk Crescent Wednesday
Pollard Road Tuesday
Poonamalie Road Friday
Porter Road Tuesday
Portland Graphite Road Wednesday
Portland Road Wednesday
Portland Station Road (Portland) Wednesday
Powell Bay Road Monday *
Preston Road Monday *
Purcell Road Friday
Queen Street (Morton) Tuesday
Queen Street (Portland) Wednesday
Queens University Road Monday *
R1 (off Bacchus Island Rd) Friday
R10 (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday
R11 (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday *
R12 (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday
R12A (off CR 38) Monday *
R12B (off CR 38) Monday *
R12C (off CR 38) Monday *
R13 (off Moran Rd) Thursday
R14 (off Moran Rd) Thursday
R15 (off Moran Rd) Thursday
R16 (off CR 38) Monday *
R18 (off CR 38) Monday *
R2 (off Bay Rd) Friday
R21 (off CR 38) Monday *
R22 (off CR 38) Monday *
R22A (off CR 38) Monday *
R24 (off CR 38) Monday *
R25 (off CR 38) Monday *
R27 (off Old Kingston Rd) Monday *
R28 (off Baker Rd) Monday *
R29 (off Baker Rd) Monday *
R3 (off Bay Rd) Friday
R30 (off Old Kingston Rd) Monday *
R30A (off Old Kingston Rd) Monday *
R32 (off Old Kingston Rd) Monday *
R33 (off Hwy 15) Wednesday
R34 (off Hwy 15) Wednesday
R35 (off Cove Rd) Monday *
R36 (off Cove Rd) Monday *
R37 (off Cove Rd) Monday *
R37A (off Cove Rd) Monday *
R38 (off Sheldon Rd) Monday *
R39 (off Sheldon Rd) Monday *
R39C (off Palmer Ln) Monday *
R39D (off Palmer Ln) Monday *
R4 (off Bay Rd) Friday
R41 (off Murphy Bay Rd) Monday *
R43 (off Sherwood Rd) Monday *
R43A (off Cheetham Rd) Monday *
R44 (off Cheetham Rd) Monday *
R45 (off Big Rideau Lake) Monday *
R46A (off Big Rideau Lake) Monday *
R47 (off Big Rideau Lake) Monday *
R5 (off Bay Rd) Friday
R6 (off Bay Rd) Friday
R7 (off CR 1) Thursday *
R7A (off CR 1) Thursday *
R8 (off CR 1) Thursday
R8A (off CR 1) Thursday *
R9 (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday *
R9A (off Old Kingston Rd) Thursday *
Railway Street (Delta) Wednesday
Rainbow Ridge Monday *
Rankin Road Tuesday
Rebecca Lane Monday *
Recreation Drive (Delta) Wednesday
Red Cottage Lane Monday *
Red Fox Lane Monday *
Redpath Lane Monday *
Reeves Lane Monday *
Rideau View Lane Monday *
Riels Road Wednesday
Ritz Road Tuesday
Rob Glen Estates Friday
Robert Lane Monday *
Rocky Narrows Lane Monday *
Rocky Ridge Lane Monday *
Rudgers Road Monday *
Rugged Lane Monday *
Rusguss Lane Monday *
Rylan Ridge Lane Monday *
Sabre Lane Monday *
Salem Road (County Road 12) Tuesday
Salmon Side Road Friday
Sand Lake Road Tuesday
Sandy Beach Lane Monday *
Scott Lane Monday *
Scouts Lane Monday *
Settlement Road Wednesday
Sharon Lane Monday *
Sheldon Road Wednesday
Sherriff Lane Monday *
Sherwood Road Wednesday
Shore View Lane Monday *
Short Point Road Tuesday
Silo Road Monday *
Simcoe Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Simpson Road Tuesday
Sleepy Hollow Road Monday *
Smiths Road Wednesday
South Point Drive Friday
Sparrow Lane Monday *
Spectacle Lane Monday *
St. Andrews Drive Monday *
St. Mary’s Street (Portland) Wednesday
Stanley Lash Lane Tuesday
Stansly Lane Monday *
Starlight Lane Monday *
Starview Lane Monday *
Station Road (SE) Thursday
Stevens Creek Road Monday *
Stevens Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Stewart Street (Morton) Tuesday
Stone Arch Dam Lane Monday *
Stone House Lane Monday *
Strickland Road Friday
Sugar Bush Hill Road Thursday
Sugarhouse Lane Monday *
Sumac Lane Monday *
Summers Road Wednesday
Sundance Lane Monday *
Sunfish Lane Monday *
Sunnyside Road Tuesday
Sunrise Lane Monday *
Sunset Drive Friday
Swallows Lane (Newboro) Tuesday *
Swan Lane Monday *
Taber Hill Lane Monday *
Taggart Lane Monday *
Tall Pines Lane Monday *
Tara Lane Monday *
Taylor Street Tuesday
Thomas Road Monday *
Thompson Lane Tuesday *
Thousand Acre Road Wednesday
Timpany Lane Monday *
Todd Court Friday
Tower Road Friday
Tracy Lane Friday
Traders Lane Monday *
Trillium Lane Monday *
Trotters Lane Monday *
Troy Lake Road Monday *
Tucker Lane Monday *
Tudor Circle Friday
Turnbull Lane Monday *
Turtle Bay Lane Monday *
Twin Oakes Park Friday
UB 1 Monday *
UB 2 Monday *
UB 3 Monday *
UB 4 Monday *
UB 5 Wednesday *
UB 6 Wednesday *
UB 6A Wednesday *
UB 7 Monday *
UB 8 Monday *
Upper Rideau Drive Monday *
Ustel Lane Monday *
Visser Road Wednesday
Vista Lane Monday *
Wagon Wheel Lane Monday *
Walnut Point Road Monday *
Walton Lane Monday *
Warner Lane Monday *
Washburn Road Wednesday
Water Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Water Street (Newboro) Tuesday
Water Street (Portland) Wednesday
Waters Edge Lane Monday *
Watson Lane Monday *
Weilburg Lane Tuesday
Weisiger Lane Monday *
Wheeler Way Monday *
Whippoorwill Lane Monday *
White Tail Lane Monday *
White’s Point Road Monday *
Whitefish Lake Road Monday *
Wickware Lane Monday *
Wild Apple Lane Monday *
William Street (Delta) Wednesday
Wills Road (off Hwy 15) Wednesday
Wills Road (off Poonamalie Rd) Friday
Wilson Street (Elgin) Wednesday
Windsor Crescent Friday
Windward Lane Monday *
Wintergreen Lane Monday *
Wolfe Lake Road Tuesday
Woodhall Lane Monday *
Youngs Hill Road Wednesday
10th Concession Road Tuesday
1169 Narrows Lock Rd Monday *
1170 Narrows Lock Rd Monday *
1185 North Shore Road Monday *
1401 North Shore Road Monday *
178 Byrnes Road Monday *
190 Byrnes Road Monday *
209 Hutchings Road Monday *
304A & B Coons Road Wednesday
5296 Salem Road Monday *
5376 Salem Road Monday *
5424 Salem Road Monday *
631 Big Crosby Lake Road Monday *
763 Narrows Lock Rd Monday *
8th Concession Road Tuesday
969 A-D Jones Fall Road Monday *
9th Concession Road Tuesday

* Private Road Collection: The Tuesday following Victoria Day marks the beginning of private road collection down most private roads. Private roads must be properly maintained in order for the waste vehicles to travel down. The brush/tree limbs must be trimmed back to avoid contact with the truck, safe sight lines & the road base must be wide enough and in adequate condition (wash outs/potholes repaired). The week of Thanksgiving is the last week for Private Road Collection. After this date, your waste & recycling must be taken to the main road.

Review of Private Road Curbside Collection

Council is reviewing private road curbside collection and is asking for feedback from private road residents of the DRAFT policy, reviewed at the November 11th meeting.

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