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Portland Municipal Hub Project

The Township has engaged +VG Architects to assist with a community consultation and design process for a new Municipal Hub located in the Village of Portland.

Information on this project is posted to this website, and any questions or comments on this project can be directed to Malcolm Norwood, Manager of Facilities and Parks at

The Township intends to utilize social media and other community newsletters to communicate updates on the project, but if you wish to have email alerts provided to you directly when new information is posted to the website, send a request to be placed on the email list for this project to Malcolm Norwood at the email listed above.

Portland Municipal Hub Documents

CAO Report - Portland Municipal Hub Presentation January 16 2023
Treasurer Report - Preliminary Financing Plan Portland Hub and Other Financial Considerations
Manager of Facilities and Parks Report -90 Drawings, Class A Estimate, Facility Considerations
2022 12 21 Energy Modeling Report System Comparison (Portland)
Portland Community Hub Solar Financial Model Nov 11 2022
PCO 21 3181 Servicing Brief (Stormwater)
22114 A11 Site Plan A11
Class C Estimate Portland Municipal Hub
Class A Estimate
Portland Municipal Hub 33 percent drawings Submission
22114 Portland Municipal Hub Arch 90 Package
November 15 +VG Presentation to Council on Consultation #2 and Opinion of Costs
Public Consultation 2 Post it comments
Public Consultation 2 +VG Architects Options
Portland Hub Project Consultation Chat Transcript
Public Consultation #1 +VG Architects Presentation
2021-10-06 CCO-22-0934_Rideau_Lakes_Geotech_Report
2021-10-05 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
2021-03-08 - RPF2020-30 (Portland Facilty Design)
2020-09-28 - Portland Facility Co-located Uses
2020-09-14 - Portland CEC Foodbank & Clothing Co-Op
2020-08-24 - Portland Hall Survey Results
2020-06-24 - Portland CEC - Hall Renewal & Replacement Costing Report
2020-06-22 - Portland Project Updates Report
2020-02-03 - Portland Hall Accessibility Barriers
2020-01-22 - Portland Translating Vision to Objectives - Consultation Doc
2019-12-09 - Portland Visioning Report
2018-10-12 Pro Forma Project Report Oct 12 2018
2018-04-09 - Mun Prop - Portland Hall Report
2017-01-09 - Portland Hall Follow-up Review - Eastern Engineering - Dec 2016
2016-09-12 - Portland Hall Review - Eastern Enginering - Aug 2016
2010-01-05 Portland Harbour Redevelopment Plan Nov 2009
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