Planning FAQs

How can I find out if my application will be approved before I make an application?

The approval body (Committee of Adjustment, Planning Committee or Council depending on the application) is the only body that can give an approval. Staff are available to review the application prior to the submission of an application. Staff will provide as much guidance as possible based on their knowledge of the Township’s planning documents, the history of Committee decisions on similar applications, and the circumstances of the individual property. Applicants should be advised that while staff have a good understanding of the Township’s regulations and policies and how the approval bodies have reviewed similar applications in the past, it is not always possible or advisable for staff to be absolutely confident of how successful an application will ultimately be.

When do I need to have my application in to get on an agenda?

Generally 20 days for a minor variance and 30 days for a Zoning By-Law amendment prior to a meeting is sufficient to allow notices to be sent to your neighbours and staff to review the application. During the summer peak months a delay of one meeting may occur.

What is my recourse if the application is denied or I am dissatisfied with the conditions of approval?

An appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal within 20 days of any decision is your recourse. Contact Staff to find out more about how to make an appeal or visit the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal’s website.

How are application fees determined?

Council sets the fee schedule each year. The fee is set based upon a calculation of staff time, mileage to travel to the site, Committee member stipends, file storage costs, notices sent to adjacent property owners and placed in newspapers, and general administration of the process.

Can someone else besides the owner apply?

Yes, as long as the owner signs the application, anyone can act as the agent with the approval of the owner.

Where can I find the regulations and restrictions for my property?

The Township Zoning By-Law is the most important document and regulates all land use in the Township. The Township Official Plan may also be used during the review of a Minor Variance application.

Where can I find the regulations and policies governing Waterfront properties?

The Planning section of the Development Services website includes a general description of the Waterfront development review process as well as the relevant Zoning By-Laws and Official Plan policies.

Will a Staff planner visit my property prior to an application being submitted to assess the possibilities of having the application approved?

The Development Services Department strives to provide such a service dependent upon other workload priorities. Staff would prefer that potential applicants understand how Staff and the Committee may review an application and this is often best done through a site visit prior to an application being submitted. Please be reminded though that while Staff have a good understanding of the Township’s regulations and policies and how the Committee has reviewed similar applications in the past, it is not always possible or advisable for Staff to be absolutely confident of how successful an application will ultimately be. A site visit will be done upon submission of the application in any case.

How soon can I get a Building Permit following a Minor Variance, Site Plan approval, or a Zoning Amendment?

A Minor Variance and Zoning Amendment have a 20-day Appeal Period following the decision. No Building Permit can be issued until the Appeal Period expires. The Building Permit can be applied for during the Appeal Period for it to be ready to be issued at the expiration of the Appeal Period. There is no appeal period for Site Plan approval and the Building Permit can be issued as soon as the decision is made and the agreement is signed by the owner.

I would like to open a business in the Township. What approvals do I need?

The Township does not license commercial businesses except for Chip Wagons. However, the Zoning By-Law does restrict commercial businesses to land that is zoned Commercial or Industrial. The Zoning By-Law does include a section permitting Home-Based Businesses such as day cares, professional offices, and crafts persons. Section 3.7 of the Zoning By-Law includes the standards by which the Township expects Home-Based Businesses to operate.

Does the Township have surveys of my property on file?

Generally the Township does not house legal surveys of properties. The Township maintains a GIS system which includes all parcels of land within the Township. The land parcel information is maintained by a Provincial agency. The information contained within the system can be used for general information but is not meant to be survey accurate. Detailed information about the legal description or status of a property can be obtained at the Land Registry Office in Brockville, 7 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario K6V 3P7. Tel: 613-345-5751 Fax: 613-345-7390

How did the Township determine the Official Plan designation and Zoning of my property?

The Official Plan designations were developed through mapping provided by Provincial Ministries, historic information from previous Official Plans, research by staff and Council, and information received at public meetings. The zoning of properties was completed to be in conformity with the Official Plan designations. Other information from the public, landowners, and research by staff were also considered when determining the zoning of a particular property.

Will the Conservation Authority or another outside agency review my application?

The Township is obligated under the Planning Act to circulate certain applications to various agencies. The Conservation Authority is circulated Minor Variance, Official Plan Amendment, and Zoning Amendment applications. Other agencies that are required to be notified of applications include neighbouring municipalities, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, school boards, and utility companies.

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