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Rideau Lakes announces FoodCycler Pilot Program

Published: Thursday, 02 March 2023

The Township of Rideau Lakes is pleased to announce the launch of the FoodCycler Pilot Program, a food waste diversion program that complements traditional at-home composting. 

Recognizing traditional composting does not work for all residents, the new program will provide subsidized access to a FoodCycler appliance; a counter-top food recycler which transforms food waste to fertilizer within hours.  This program is ideal for residents with limited access to outdoor settings required for traditional composters or for those that have mobility issues.

As a pilot project, the Township of Rideau Lakes has partnered to provide 110 FoodCycler machines at a subsidized price for residents to test in their own homes over a 12-week period. Each resident will be asked to track the amount of food waste they have diverted and supply the Township with the information to help estimate the total impact of the program. Residents will be able to keep their FoodCycler device upon the conclusion of the program.

Recognizing the benefit to residents, the project received broad support from Rideau Lakes Council.  Council was encouraged by the success of other municipal programs piloted in partnership with Food Cycle Science across Canada including local municipalities such as Smiths Falls, South Dundas, and South Glengarry.

For Rideau Lakes residents, the cost to participate will be $150 plus HST for the FC-30 Model (retail price $500) or $300 plus HST for the Maestro Model (retail price $800). The Township has also set aside 10 FC-30 units at a further discounted price for low-income residents.

Mayor Hoogenboom, on announcing the program, remarked, “The Township is continually looking for ways to support residents in diverting waste.  Food waste is primarily comprised of water and is therefore heavy.  When included in traditional waste streams it drives higher transfer and disposal costs and Green House Gas emissions.  Plus, the value of the material as a great soil amendment is lost.  The FoodCycler program opens up composting opportunities to a wider range of residents.”  

Interested participants are now able to register for the program on the Township website. The registration page can be found at:  For more information, please contact Ben Rothwell, Works and Facilities Coordinator by email at  or by phone at 1-800-928-2250 ext. 230

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