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Goal setting at its Best: Wellness in 2024

Welcome wellness in Rideau Lakes! The winter months are all about taking time to rejuvenate, refresh and prepare for the year ahead. Read these creative ways to fuel mind, body and spirit in Rideau Lakes.


Massage Therapy

Shake off the winter aches and pains while refocusing on wellness with a massage from the talented registered massage therapists in Rideau Lakes. Availability may vary, as some are often fully booked.

Rideau Lakes Massage Therapy (Kim Ethier Massage and Sports Injury Therapy)
Improve your health and wellbeing! Reconnect with vitality, pain relief, strength and overall wellness with the help of the professionals at Rideau Lakes Massage Therapy. Offering multiple integration therapy solutions including everything from soft tissue work to joint mobilization and even medical acupuncture from the office in Portland. 

Holly Kendall RMT
Therapeutic care, tailored to individual patient needs, high quality skills, updated research-based modalities – all in relaxing surroundings. Holly Kendall RMT is keen to assist you set sustainable treatment goals to improve your quality of life! Let Holly get you started on your journey of healing and wellness at her studio near Lombardy.

Local Massage Therapy
Whether for deep tissue massage, relaxation, therapeutic or even pre-natal massage Tracy Haskin RMT at Local Massage Therapy can help. Appointment only and located in Elgin. Relaxation and healing starts close to home!



Rideau Lakes Chiropractic

Discover what it’s like to get moving again! Let Rideau Lakes Chiropractic in Elgin tune up your back and body to help alleviate that back pain, neck pain, and even help recover from sports injuries and headaches. Moral of the story: you don’t have to be stiff and sore.

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Rideau Lakes Yoga 

Want more calm and peace in your life? Rideau Lakes Yoga offers breath-based yoga classes with a focus on wellbeing, accented by flexibility, strength and balance. From mindful movement to reduce stress, to gentle classes, to even individual private sessions to boost your personal goals, Rideau Lakes Yoga brings stability and light.

Rideau Lakes Yoga and Mindful PracticesRideau Lakes Yoga and Mindful Practices 


Stevenson Performance & Wellness 

George Stevenson provides one-on-one personal training, strength and conditioning, nutrition management, online coaching from his private gym near Lombardy. Whether you’re in need of general fitness or strength and conditioning, George offers a scientific approach to macronutrient coaching, nutritional strategies and weight management, as well as body composition changes, bodybuilding and lifestyle changes.

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The Hip Wellness Collective

This peaceful yoga studio and wellness collective of holistic practitioners in Delta hosts classes for yoga and dance, as well as moon markets, soundbaths, herbalists, reflexology, multi-practitioner workshops, tea leaf readings, meditation, and much more. You’ll leave The Hip Wellness Collective feeling soothed and sated.

Fern and Fox Wellness@fernandfoxwellenss (Instagram) 


Equicare+ Therapies

Equicare+ Therapies delivers performance improvement, injury prevention and recovery – using integrative whole horse therapies. Now also certified in Equine Exercise Rehabilitation! The focus here is on offering wellness therapies for horses to optimize their health. Whether for everyday life, or as preparation/post performance for dressage, eventing, driving or racing, the range of therapeutic tools and professional services has been proven a winning combination.




There’s no better time to focus on wellness than right now in Rideau Lakes!

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