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Equestrian Outings

Giddy up to Rideau Lakes, where experiences showcasing the beauty and quiet strength of horses are waiting. From trail-riding to wagon rides to staying with your horse on a local ranch, your perfect equestrian experience is in Rideau Lakes.


Box Arrow Farm

Box Arrow Farm raises thoroughbred racing horses. While you stay in a comfortable cottage with Cedar Cove Cottages overlooking Big Rideau Lakes, chances are you’ll see some of the horses on the property.

Summer Horses Agriculture Farm 61a Carol Campbell Morning Walk with Horses on Delta Rd Limited Permissions Permission to Township of Rideau Lakes OnlyPhoto by Carol Campbell 


Deltawood Farm

Beautiful trails and two stunning lakes are calling you for a trail ride you’ll never forget! Deltawood Farm is ready to be your go-to fall equestrian activity, offering trail rides for up to five people over the age of 10 until December. Book your appointment and experience a private activity that is great for families or couples wanting to enjoy a romantic adventure through open fields and forest.

Deltawood Farm by Louise WhittyDeltawood Farm by Louise Whitty 


Precious Moments Carriages

Discover what magic lies in a moment aboard a horse-drawn wagon, carriage or even sleigh! The team of Percherons from Precious Moments Carriages may be familiar from parades and festivals, but did you know they are available for private bookings? It’s true: they can accommodate coming to you at events like weddings, prom, birthdays or family gatherings – or you can visit Lombard Dale Farm. Turn your event into an occasion!

Spring Summer Autumn Horses Agriculture Farm 111 Limited Permissions Permission to Township of Rideau Lakes Only 


Sky’s the Limit Ranch 

Immerse yourself in the horseman’s way! Enjoy an edu-vacation and experience being a part of your horse’s life. Food and lodging is provided so guests can focus on their horses. Learn from a passionate and dedicated professional instructor and discover a true connection with your horse.

Skys the Limit Ranch FacebookSky's the Limit Ranch Facebook

Make memories this fall in Rideau Lakes – where horsing around is encouraged!

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