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Rideau Lakes welcomes The Ontario Historical Society’s Executive Director

Published: Friday, 31 May 2024

The Township of Rideau Lakes is excited to announce that Daniel Dishaw of The Ontario Historical Society will be welcomed to Rideau Lakes on Friday, June 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Delta Old Town Hall for a special presentation of the 2023 OHS President’s award to documentary filmmaker Allison Margot Smith; an active member of the Rideau Lakes Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC). Pre-registration is required but there is no cost to attend.

In celebration of the incredible history of Rideau Lakes, MHAC has made significant strides to preserve and share the heritage of not only our historic villages, but the architecture, activities, and people that have shaped the Township.

The five documentaries illustrating Rideau Lakes history add a contemporary visual asset to a growing collection of local research, in a publicly accessible format that people can find on YouTube from any corner of the Globe. This volunteer work done by documentary filmmaker Allison Margot Smith puts Rideau Lakes history on a world stage, which brings attention to the online photo catalogues, informative websites, storyboards, exhibits and heritage properties in the Township.

At this exciting event, heritage enthusiasts will gather to discuss the future of treasured artifacts, documents and collections, some of which are housed in nooks and crannies of people’s homes and barns, and how a regional archives system may look as technology advances.

Rideau Lakes is home to six heritage societies: The Bastard & South Burgess Heritage Society (BSB), The Chaffey’s Lock & Area Heritage Society (CLAHS), the Delta Mill Society (DMS), the Elgin and Area Heritage Society (EAHS), the Newboro and Area Heritage Society (NAHS), and the Portland on the Rideau Historical Society (PRHS). The majority of these are represented at the Township level through MHAC, while also dedicated to preserving the heritage of their local communities. To learn more about these groups, visit .

“We look forward to welcoming Daniel Dishaw of The Ontario Historical Society to Rideau Lakes, to meet our accomplished local historians, and to celebrate the provincial recognition being received by Allison Smith, who won the President’s Award for her documentaries” remarked Mayor Arie Hoogenboom.

To register for the Rideau Lakes Heritage Meet & Greet on June 7, contact 1-800-928-2250 ext. 288 or email  or register at the follwing link:

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