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Rideau Lakes publishes new Road Map

Published: Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Employees and community leaders in Rideau Lakes took part in the development of a new, larger road map, featuring the addition of new Township roads, renamed roads, updated village maps, and important historic settlements.  These added features have resulted in an informative and reliable road map that can be used by residents and visitors – not only to navigate the Township, but also to discover the historic plaques, museums and to explore the villages in Rideau Lakes.

Designed to bring attention to the natural beauty, historic significance and flourishing business community within the Township, this new road map of Rideau Lakes will help inspire people to visit the area, as part of a greater effort to support economic growth and advance the social benefits that tourism brings.

Community members that serve on municipal committees including the Economic Development Committee, the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and the Community Enhancement Committees were consulted in this consolidation of the 2018 Rideau Lakes Heritage Map and the 2021 Community Maps to create an all-in-one Road Map of Rideau Lakes.

The publication was organized as part of the Rideau Lakes Economic Development Action Plan and to support the Experience Rideau Lakes Campaign, a Township initiative that was launched in 2022 to highlight ways to explore Rideau Lakes as a destination, in order to generate tourism revenues that contribute to the standard of living and quality of life for all residents.

“Tourism is a key contributor to our economy,” said Mayor Arie Hoogenboom.  “Visitors support businesses in Rideau Lakes who provide jobs for residents and local spending keeps over 420 businesses operating within the Township.

With autumn just around the corner, the new Rideau Lakes Road Map will help show visitors the natural beauty of the fall colours and the rich cultural history of Rideau Lakes.”

Tourism is a $105 billion industry in Canada that supports more than 2 million jobs from coast to coast (source: Tourism Industry Association of Canada Newsroom).

Over 6,000 maps have been distributed since the initial version was printed 2022, and due to expressed demand, the Economic Development Committee approved a reprint of 2,000 copies last month. Distribution of the map includes over 100 locations including local businesses and visitor information centres across Ontario.

Find the publication at, at one of 5 branches of the Rideau Lakes Public Library or request your copy from the municipal office at 1-800-928-2250.

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