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Rideau Lakes adopts Vision for Chaffeys Lock

Published: Monday, 13 March 2023

The final Community Vision for Chaffeys Lock was adopted on Monday, March 6 at the regular meeting of Council.

Rideau Lakes continues to foster efforts towards village vitality and engaged the community of Chaffeys Lock to develop a Village Vision that will inform municipal plans and strategies for future development. This includes the recently adopted Community Improvement Plan for Villages, that allows the municipality to establish grant programs to fund private property improvements and initiatives through the Planning Act.

In fall of 2022, local consultant and village resident Anne Marie Forcier of Amplitude Consulting was the successful candidate selected by the Township to work with the Rideau Lakes Visioning Steering Committee to conduct the community engagement process, to analyse the input received and propose an actionable vision for the village of Chaffeys Lock.

The Rideau Lakes Visioning Steering Committee that guided the project included representatives from Parks Canada, Rideau Lakes Council, Village Residents, the Business and Tourism community in Chaffeys Lock as well as representatives from local committees for Community Enhancement and Economic Development. This group of 10 people helped to get the word out about the project through community newsletters and Facebook groups, while Township staff provided support in contacting all residents within the settlement area by mail. In addition to in-person and virtual workshops, a survey was conducted to gather feedback from both seasonal and permanent residents, businesses people and visitors.

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom remarked, “Congratulations and thank you to all those who provided their input during the visioning process. Chaffeys Lock is an engaged community and the Township is very pleased to see such a high level of participation.”

Over the past several years, the Township has engaged with a series of villages in Rideau Lakes to learn what residents value in their own community, and how they would like to see their village in 2030. This important work will continue this year, as the Rideau Lakes Economic Development Committee endeavours to embark on another Village Visioning Process for either Elgin or Lombardy, in an effort to complete a total of 6 reports representing each village and their vision for the future.

The village of Chaffeys Lock has successfully communicated their vision as a community. “The Township is now equipped with the information to address a number of important priorities in Chaffeys Lock such as pedestrian safety,” continued Mayor Hoogenboom. “It is critical that we consider these items as we look to the future.”

The Village Vision for Chaffeys Lock, Delta, Newboro and Portland – as well as the upcoming Elgin and Lombardy Vision - will actively inform other municipal planning initiatives including, but not limited to, the Community Improvement Plan for Villages, the Economic Development Action Plan, the Recreation Master Plan, and the Rideau Lakes Strategic Plan.

For more information, all Village Vision documents are available on the Township website:

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