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New Community Partnership in Portland

Published: Friday, 03 June 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New Community Partnership in Portland

Chantry, Ontario, June 3, 2022 - The Township of Rideau Lakes and Country Roads Community Health Centre are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Portland Food Bank and the Community Clothing Co-operative.  

This newly created partnership will provide a new space for the Portland Food Bank and the Community Clothing Co-operative in the same building as the Country Roads Community Health Centre, located at4319 Cove Road in Portland.  

Formulated as a result of the Township’s plans for a new municipal hub, the partners came together to ensure that the important services currently offered will continue in Portland for years to come. The organizations found a natural connection in their efforts to support the community, and the opportunity to include the Food Bank and Clothing Co-operative within the Health Centre aligns with the vision and values of the Community Health Centre.   

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom remarked, “We understand that access to food and clothing can be a real challenge for members of our community, so offering these services at the Community Health Centre makes sense. We are grateful for the partnership and its support to make this happen.”  

Benefits to locating these community services within Country Roads Community Health Centre improves access and reduces barriers to food, clothing, and community resources. A natural link between community resources and the centre’s Social Prescribing Team whose mandate is to facilitate a linking of vulnerable residents to supports required for a healthy lifestyle.    

“Partnerships allow us to break down barriers and create points of access for our community members which helps us build individual and community capacity” stated Kerri Choffe, Executive Director of Country Roads Community Health Centre. 

The Portland Food Bank and the Community Clothing Co-operative are to remain as independent organizations: the Food Bank will continue to be an outreach project of Portland United Church and the Clothing Co-operative an outreach project of the Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge.  During the summer months the space at Country Roads Community Health Centre will be retrofitted to accommodate the Food Bank and the Clothing Co-operative.  We are aiming for a smooth transition with a move scheduled around mid-September.  We are excited to engage in this partnership and to continue growing and providing essential services for the community. 

If you need help navigating uncertain times call the Social Prescribing Team at 613-272-3302 ext. 258 or if you are interested in volunteering for this new opportunity or other volunteer opportunities call Emily at 613-272-3302 ext. 256. 



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