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Heritage storyboard to be unveiled in Morton

Published: Friday, 06 October 2023

The Township of Rideau Lakes welcomes members of the public to Morton on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. to witness the unveiling of the new heritage storyboard that celebrates the culture and heritage of Morton as a historic community.

Through the leadership of the Rideau Lakes Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC), the Township of Rideau Lakes is pleased to continue with the development of a series of heritage storyboards to honour the cultural heritage of historic communities within the Township. MHAC members will be on site for the official unveiling ceremony, and to celebrate the completion of this second phase of the project.

One Storyboard will be unveiled: “Historic Morton” intended to be a primarily visual representation of the heritage of the local community for both residents and visitors to the Township. “Historic Morton” is the newest in a series of storyboards that will animate public spaces in Rideau Lakes communities. In addition to fostering community pride, the stories highlight the treasures of Morton, inspiring guests to learn and explore what is unique about the community.

This is a follow up to the first installation of two heritage storyboards unveiled in 2021: “Historic Newboro” and “Newboro: An Historic Centre for Sportfishing.” The Township storyboard was complemented by an additional storyboard made possible in partnership with private donors.

“I’m pleased the Township of Rideau Lakes is telling the story of our heritage by placing storyboards in our communities,” said George German, Interim Chair of MHAC for the Township of Rideau Lakes. “These storyboards will ensure people of all ages can continue to enjoy the story of our beautiful Township for generations to come.”

The new storyboard in Morton will be placed along Highway 15 at the Morton Creek, on a Township Road allowance, with permits in place from MTO. The location is known as part of an indigenous canoe route that is still in use by paddlers today. The beauty of the setting can be attributed to the private landowner, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Township of Rideau Lakes.

“The preservation of our history is important, not only to foster community pride, but to guide the development of our communities as we welcome new residents,” said Arie Hoogenboom, Mayor for the Township of Rideau Lakes. “It is these stories about the early establishment of our area that keep our sense of community alive. I would like to thank the volunteers and the members of MHAC for their leadership and Diane Haskins for championing this project.”

The Township of Rideau Lakes is actively supporting activities that align with it’s Cultural Heritage Strategic Plan (2020), including the Storyboard project. MHAC member Diane Haskins states, “Morton is a community with a very rich history, and this is one way to draw attention to that heritage.”

Community led, the project quickly gained the support of MHAC as well as private donors. Glen Russell, who had previously designed the four storyboards in Newboro at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Effie Tett Place and the Community Hall as well as the three Storyboards in Elgin has generously donated his talent to the design of this new storyboard in Morton.

Next, a storyboard is planned for the community of Phillipsville. Donations towards the storyboard project are being accepted.

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