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Census shows rising Education Levels in Rideau Lakes

Published: Friday, 23 December 2022

The Township of Rideau Lakes reports a rise in education levels among residents, according to the most recent set of 2021 Census Data released on December 15, 2022.

This positive trend over the last four years can be attributed to an increased desire among residents to seek out opportunities for higher education as well as the attraction of educated new residents moving to the area for the exceptional quality of life.

The newly released 2021 Census data shows a significant increase in residents choosing to acquire postsecondary certifications, especially from universities. Compared to the 2016 Census data, Rideau Lakes has seen a jump from 5,015 people with a postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree to 5,480 people. This is an increase of 465 residents with a post secondary certificate, diploma or degree over the last 4 short years.

Considering the total population of Rideau Lakes is 10,883 people, the 2021 Census Data shows that now, more than half of the population has a postsecondary education. This was not the case in 2016, where only 48.6% of the population in Rideau Lakes had a postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree.

Compared to the region, Rideau Lakes hosts a greater percentage of educated people at 50.3% of residents with postsecondary education whereas the 2021 Census data shows that within the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, only 46% of people have the same level of education.

With this increase, Rideau Lakes’ education levels are reaching closer to the provincial numbers, whereby 53.3% of Ontarians have a postsecondary education.

Recent municipal investments have been made to support education including the development of a new library facility at the Ronald E. Holman Municipal Complex, and ongoing investments in broadband.

Mayor Arie Hoogenboom remarked, “Rideau Lakes residents are seeking educational opportunities, which supports existing partnerships with local colleges and nearby Universities. For the Township, it emphasizes the need to continue improving connectivity. These numbers also demonstrate that educated people are moving in to

enjoy our exceptional quality of life in Rideau Lakes. This growth is important to our business community, who benefit from qualified workers and a growing population of consumers.” 

The full details are available at the following link.

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