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Rideau Lakes Offering Free Programming Space

Published: Friday, 11 March 2022

Rideau Lakes wishes to see more programming options available locally. We would like to hear from businesses, organizations and groups who would like to provide ongoing activities, classes or programs in the Township. The Township is offering free space in our community halls and parks to make this happen. Programming can include recreation, education, music, culture, or sport. Youth-focused programming is a priority of Council, but programs that focus on other audiences are welcome as well. We want you to be successful and so will assist with local networking and program promotion via Township social media channels.

What We Need: If you have an established program that you would like to expand into the Rideau Lakes community, or have an idea for a new program offering please send Leila Stafford, Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator, the following details by email at :

  • An overview of you/your business/organization.
  • An outline of the program(s) you would like to offer.
  • Program details including age groups, participant minimum/maximums, planned registration fees, frequency and duration, if reduced rates/subsidies are offered for individuals/families in need.
  • Your preferred day(s) and time(s) for program delivery.
  • Any specific space needs i.e., area size, storage, technology on site, associated facilities (kitchen, outdoor/indoor secondary space etc.).

Who Can Apply:

  • Anyone!  Including for-profit businesses/individuals and not-for-profit groups/instructors. You do not need to be located in Rideau Lakes.

For programs approved by the Township, you will get:

  • No-cost bookings of our numerous community halls and parks.
  • Free support and local networking.
  • Free social media program promotion.

What to Expect:

  • This is an open intake - but available space may be limited, so apply now.
  • Your proposal will be evaluated by Township staff to ensure it will have a good chance of success and provide community benefit – not all proposals may/will be accepted.
  • Programs that are exclusionary (i.e. you must belong to certain groups or sects to participate) will not be approved.
  • Once approved, staff will work with you to finalize details, times, days, location etc.
  • This is an open call – others may be approved to offer the same/similar programming – competition and choice is good for participants.
  • A review of administrative details, such as insurance, clearances for vulnerable sector programs etc.

For further information, please contact:

Leila Stafford
Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator
Township of Rideau Lakes
1439 County Rd 8
Delta, ON K0E 1G0
613-928-2251 ext. 238

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