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Let’s Talk Tourist Campgrounds

Notice of Commencement


The Township recently passed an Interim Control By-Law (also called an “ICBL”) related to the establishment of new Tourist Campgrounds as well as the expansion of existing Tourist Campgrounds within the Township. The Interim Control By-Law was passed because Council is concerned with the adequacy of current policies and regulations concerning land use as they relate to Tourist Campgrounds. Tourist Campgrounds have been the subject of many nuisance complaints in recent years and as there has been interest from operators to expand existing campgrounds, Council determined that further study is necessary to review and, if necessary, update current land use policies and regulations, such as the zoning by-law, to assist in reducing nuisance complaints and to provide a framework for achieving compatibility between campgrounds and surrounding land uses.

The Project

The Tourist Campground Land Use Study will explore the underlying issues that have led to Council’s decision to approve an ICBL. This exploration will include consultation with different stakeholder groups, including the public at large. The Study will then identify options for addressing the identified issues through land use planning, to the extent that the identified issues pertain to land use planning. The options will be presented to the public to solicit feedback. The project team will then prepare a final report that will identify the issues and options as well as the any changes to the policy and regulatory tools for consultation with the public and Council. Amendments to the Official Plan, Zoning By-Law and possibly other municipal by-laws may be necessary and the statutory processes for amending such documents will be completed during the course of this Study, as needed.

The Land Use Study will be developed through a deliberate, collaborative, and transparent public process. This process will allow people to participate through the various phases of the project from identifying the prominent issues, providing options as they relate to the noted issues, and evaluation of the land use planning options. The Land Use Study will help guide the future of Tourist Campground development.

The Study Area

The Land use Study will consider the entirety of the Township of Rideau Lakes.

The Team

The Municipality has hired Fotenn Planning + Design to undertake the Land Use Study. Fotenn is well-equipped to lead the Township of Rideau Lakes through the Land Use Study having completed a wide range of policy projects of a similar scale and nature throughout the province. Fotenn also completed the previous Tourist Campground Background Report for the Township of Rideau Lakes prior to Council passing the ICBL.

The Process and Timeline

The Land Use Study for the Township of Rideau Lakes will commence in Late September 2021, with completion anticipated in spring 2022. The study will be completed pursuant to three (3) key tasks:

  • Task 1: Background Research and Analysis
    The study began with a project start-up meeting (Sept, 2021) with Township staff and Fotenn to confirm a range of administrative and technical matters. This meeting is an opportunity for staff to download important information and identify issues related to the project including historical context, findings, key directions, and experiences from previous, ongoing, and future studies, recent development activity and trends, etc.

    Following the project start-up are stakeholder sessions targeting three groups separately to determine the current issues surrounding Tourist Campgrounds, the groups are: campground operators, lake associations, and the general public. This phase will conclude with a review and development of preliminary options.

  • Tasks 2: Issues + Options
    This task involves the review and analysis of relevant background planning documents, policies and related studies, and a review of all issues identified from the stakeholder sessions in Task 1. Fotenn will prepare a Draft Issues and Options Report summarizing the identified issues and presenting numerous options. The draft report will be presented to the public via an Open House to seek feedback on the options presented and to solicit other options that may not have been considered by the project team. The purpose of the Issues and Options Report is also to consolidate the findings of the study to-date, including the background review, identified issues, and preliminary options. This task will conclude with a Final Issues and Options Report which will be presented to Council at a non-statutory public meeting, where Council will be asked to decide on the preferred option(s).

  • Tasks 3: Land Use Study + Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments
    Fotenn will prepare a Draft Land Use Study which will consolidate the findings of the Issues and Options Report, stakeholder and public consultation, and the decision from Council. The purpose of this document is to guide the implementation of any policy and regulatory changes. As such, this study will include any necessary planning rationale and draft amendments to the relevant documents. The Study and any proposed amendments will be presented at a statutory public meeting where the public and other stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide comment on the Study and the proposed amendments. The Land Use Study will be revised following this meeting, as needed, prior to being presented to Council for adoption.

Your Role

We are seeking your input throughout the process, including:

  1. Public Consultation Event No. 1
    Stakeholder Workshop (October 2021 – Date to be confirmed)
    An opportunity to provide feedback on the background planning and policy review, and to help identify the issues surrounding Tourist Campgrounds within the municipality.

  2. Public Consultation Event No. 2
    Open House (Winter 2021/2022 – Date to be confirmed)
    An opportunity to provide feedback on, and inform, the technical analysis and land use options.

  3. Non-Statutory Public Meeting
    (Late Winter/Early Spring 2022 – Date to be confirmed)
    An opportunity to provide feedback on the identified issues and options. Council will be asked to select from a number of options to set the direction for the final phase of this Study.

  4. Statutory Public Meeting
    Draft Land Use Study (Spring 2022 – Date to be confirmed)
    An opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Land Use Study, the options presented, as well as any proposed amendments to land use planning policy and regulatory tools.

  5. Council Decision
    Final Land Use Study (Spring 2022 – Date to be confirmed)
    Council will be asked to adopt the Land Use Study and approve any changes to land use planning policy and regulatory tools.

At the consultation milestones 1 through 4 above, we will provide supplementary opportunities for input up to two weeks before and two weeks after. This will consist of an online survey that will include targeted questions reflecting the materials presented at the Public Consultation Events.

We will also post the materials from each Public Consultation Event here.

Questions and Comments

To connect with the team or share your ideas, please ask us a question and we will get back to you.

Who’s Listening?

Brittany Mulhern
Manager of Development Services
Township of Rideau Lakes

Youko Leclerc-Desjardins
Fotenn Planning + Design

Tyler Hamilton
Fotenn Planning + Design


Notice of Collection

All information received will be complied and considered by staff for use under the purposes of this site. Information will be collected and used in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other relevant privacy legislation. All comments made on this site are available to the public and may form part of public records.

Key Dates

  • Stakeholder Session:
    Campground Operators
    (October 21, 2021)
  • Stakeholder Session:
    Lake Associations
    (October 26, 2021)
  • Stakeholder Session:
    General Public
    (October 28, 2021
    6 pm – 8 pm held via Zoom)
  • Draft Issues and Options Report
    (Winter 2021/2022)
  • Public Consultation Event 1
    (Winter 2021/2022)
  • Statutory Public Meeting
    (Spring 2022)
  • Final Land Use Study
    (Spring 2022)

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