2021-2022 Elgin Seniors Housing Board

Thursday, October 14, 202110:00am


This committee operates and manages the Elgin Seniors Housing, a 12-unit complex of seniors’ affordable housing in Elgin. It consists of 3 members of council, 2 voting members of the public and 1 non-voting resident of Elgin Seniors Housing.

By-Law 2011-87 – Establish Elgin Seniors Housing Board

Chair: Linda Carr
Council Members: Mayor Hoogenboom, Joan Delaney
Public Members: Linda Carr, Ron Holman, Jim Stedman
Elgin Seniors Housing Residents' Representative:  Shirley Dowell
Staff: Malcolm Norwood, Manager of Facilities & Parks (Board Secretary)Rob Hennessy, Municipal Properties Supervisor; Dave Schur, Deputy Treasurer; Nicole Haladay, Property Manager; Amy Schur, Administrative Assistant

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Malcolm Norwood, Manager of Facilities & Parks
1-800-928-2250 Ext 236

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