Morton to Rock Dunder

The Rideau Waterway Land Trust recently purchased Rock Dunder, a former Scout camp property with a summit 275 feet above Morton Bay, because of its breathtaking view of the Canal and even of New York State on a clear day.

In Morton, launch from the Parks Canada dock at the end of Stewart Street.

Paddle southwest along Morton Bay for almost a km.

Watch for a cabin almost hidden in the woods on the left. Just beyond that cabin is a section of gradually sloping land perfect to pull up the canoe or kayak. And just up from that shore is the trail.

One 2 km loop winds through mixed forest with moderately steep sections leading to a peninsular outlook over Morton Bay. The summit loop is a 4 km climb through a variety of forest with sneak peaks over the rocky cliffs. The summit itself is a lichen-covered plateau perfect for a lunch break.

Enjoy a swim back at the shore before you paddle back to Morton. 

About Morton Bay

Dominated by the large granite exposures of Rock Dunder and Dunders Mate (part of the Lyndhurst Pluton) on the west side of the Bay, in the pre-mill dam/pre-canal era this was a deep gorge with water levels 20 to 25 feet ( 7.5 m) lower than they are today. The White Fish River ran through here on its way to White Fish Falls (site of today’s canal dam). Today this is a beautiful deep water bay. The water that flows through the dam goes into Morton Creek and on to Lower Beverley Lake (and eventually to the Gananoque River).

Route Information

  • Length: 3 km (paddle) – 5 km (hike )
  • Map: Map

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