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Goal setting at its Best: Wellness in 2022

Trying to keep on track with your 2022 goals while having fun? We’ve got you covered! Rideau Lakes offers fitness options and outdoor activities to help you stay on track.

Fern and Fox Wellness@fernandfoxwellenss (Instagram)


Fern and Fox Wellness

Fern and Fox Wellness is a peaceful yoga studio located at 51 King Street, Delta. Offering classes that range from All Levels to Warrior Energy, there is space for you at Fern and Fox. Check out their schedule and book your spot online. Located at  51 King St, Delta.




Rideau Lakes Chiropractic

Rideau Lakes Chiropractic offers care and acupuncture for back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, workplace injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions. Located at 10 Perth Street, Elgin.


Rideau Lakes Yoga and Mindful PracticesRideau Lakes Yoga and Mindful Practices


Rideau Lakes Yoga & Mindful Practices

Rideau Lakes Yoga offers all levels of practice and drop-in spaces are available! If you’re only here for a short stay, you’re welcome at Rideau Lakes Yoga. Looking for a more exclusive experience? Book a private yoga session! Call or email to register. Classes are offered at two locatons in Rideau Lakes: at the Elgin Community Hall,  47 Main Street, Elgin and the North Crosby Community Hall, 875 Concession Rd 8, near Westport. Check the schedule to see what's happening at http://www.rideaulakesyoga.com/schedule.html.



Equicare Plus

Equicare Plus offers wellness therapies for horses to optimize their health. For performance improvement, injury prevention and recovery through Acupressure, DORN Therapy, Complete Joint Mobilization, LLLT Therapeutic Laser Therapy, Laser Acupuncture TCM, EQUI-K-Taping, LED Red Light Therapies, Neurokinetic Therapy, Myofascial Release and K-Taping. Whether for everyday life or as preparation / post performance for Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Driving, Racing. 


Step outside and enjoy the outdoors!

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