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Daffodil Days



Take the Tour! Experience Rideau Lakes in Spring!

Check out these prime daffodil viewing spots:

  • California:  421 Jones Falls Rd
  • Chaffeys Lock:  1648 Chaffeys Lock Rd
  • Chantry:  1439 County Rd 8
  • Delta:  17 King St
  • Jones Falls:  718 Jones Falls Rd
  • Newboro:  11 New St
  • Portland:  3909 Freeland Rd

The Daffodil Project

In the fall of 1999, one family planted daffodils along Freeland Road, Portland, to bloom for the Millennium; and every year they continue to plant different varieties.

In 2010, the Joint Beautification SubCommittee of the Township of Rideau Lakes launched "The Daffodil Project - Making Rideau Lakes the Daffodil Capital of Ontario by 2015". Hundreds of residents embraced the Project and began planting daffodils all throughout the Township. In May of 2015, the Township of Rideau Lakes was proclaimed the "Daffodil Capital of Ontario".

Each fall, residents continue to plant thousands of bulbs; and each spring, tens of thousands of daffodils bloom beside roads, along fences, in public spaces and in private gardens.

The Daffodil Days Tour is your opportunity to experience the beauty of masses of the golden flowers in a variety of picturesque locations. The locations which form part of this tour are only examples of the plantings to be found all over the Township. So, enjoy your tour; take some photos; and along the way, be sure to "Experience Rideau Lakes"!

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When: Monday, April 24, 2023  - Wednesday 24 May 2023

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