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For island/water-access-only property owners.

Sundays: 4pm-6pm ONLY from Victoria Day weekend to mid-September each year (check your calendar for dates).

The Township is unable to provide water-access-only properties with curbside collection, therefore any residents who own property on an island or have strictly water-access-only will benefit from this weekly Sunday Service. If you live on the mainland and have weekly curbside collection you are not entitled to use this Sunday Service.

This represents islanders/water-access-only residents’ curbside collection and all the rules associated with curbside collection apply. For rules & regulations please read the curb-side collection page.

  • 3 clear bag limit for bagged household waste (with a bag tag on each)
  • 5 blue bag limit for properly sorted recycling materials (no bag tag required).
  • Construction or demolition material and other large items are not accepted during this Sunday Service.

Do not leave your bags at any location before or after the hours of service as this is littering and is a fine-able offence of up to $500 per offence. By-Law #2007-46, prohibits the throwing, placing or depositing of refuse or debris on land without the owner’s consent.


Please note the South Elmsley Public Works Garage has been eliminated.