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Waste limit: 2 clear bags – tags required.
Recycling limit: 5 blue bags – no tags required.
40lb bag weight limit

All bags must be out by 7:00am

When is My Pickup?

Alphabetical Road Listing

Holiday Schedule

When there is a holiday, collection takes place one day later than normal (with the exception of Christmas & New Year’s schedules). Only the week in which the holiday falls is affected.

Example – when the holiday is on a Monday, collection takes place Tuesday through Saturday. When the holiday falls on a Wednesday, collection takes place Thursday through Saturday (only Wednesday to Friday are affected). Check your Township Calendar for the revised holiday schedules.

Pay close attention to the Christmas & New Year’s schedules, as these change every year.

Where can I Buy Tags?

Purchase tags at any of these locations:

If you own a business and are interested in selling bag tags, please contact the Municipal Office at 1-800-928-2250 Ext 285. Contact details on Staff page.

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling Page

What About Waste?

Waste – Clear Bag

Waste Items including, but not limited to:

  • Food
  • Film wrap, waxed paper & Ziploc bags
  • Aerosol cans – completely empty (cooking spray, mousse, hair spray, shaving cream, cleaning spray, etc.)
  • Food wrappers/packages (cheese, pasta, cookie, bread, etc.)
  • Candy wrappers (chocolate bars, candy, gum, etc.)
  • Cardboard tubes & canisters with metal trim/bottoms (frozen juice, potato chip, coffee, etc.)
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Seasoning packets (gravy, taco, sauce mixes, etc.)
  • Incandescent light bulbs (florescent bulbs are hazardous waste)
  • Drinking glasses, ceramics, mugs, dishes, cookware/bakeware
  • Small appliances (coffee maker, can opener, etc.)
  • CD/DVD/VHS/Video Games & all cases
  • Small oil jugs (completely empty)
  • Wrapping paper, shiny gift bags, bows, ribbon, bubble wrap & cellophane wrap

Everyone must purchase bag tags for disposal of non-recyclable waste put out for collection (1 tag per bag). All tags must be visible to ensure pickup. If the driver cannot easily see the tag, the bag may be left behind. Tags may be purchased for $2.50 each (no tax) in sheets of 5. Purchased bag tags have no expiry date. Bags taken to the Transfer Station will be charged the normal Portland Transfer Station tipping rate (bag tags are for curbside collection only and cannot be used at the Transfer Station). When temperatures drop below 0, bag tags can become less sticky. If this happens, affix your tag to the bag at room temperature before going to the curb or fold the tag around the handle & stick both ends together – see Example below (full tag must be visible).

Each household is entitled to place 2 bags of household waste out each week. Household waste must be in a clear bag (no colour) with a current Rideau Lakes’ bag tag attached, weighing less than 40 lbs. All bags set out for collection must be tied and your bag tag must be clearly visible to the driver. During hot weather, freeze decaying material as bags will not be picked up if worms are present. Waste bags containing mostly recycling material will not be collected, as we encourage everyone to recycle. Dark bags will not be picked up. Bags may be placed inside a waste container, however tags must be at the top, clearly visible to the driver (see Example).

All bags/containers must be in plain view of the driver. Bags/containers cannot be hidden behind a tree, hedge, mailbox, fence or car. Place all bags at the end of your driveway (not across the road from your house). To ensure your waste & recycling is picked up during the winter months, place your bag(s) on top of the snow bank so it is easily visible to the driver.

Large items are not collected at curbside and must be disposed of at the Portland Transfer Station.

Remember, your bags are YOURS until the driver puts them in the truck. If you have issues with birds & critters, put your bags in a container or cover them with a tarp/blanket. If your bags are torn apart before the truck arrives, it is your responsibility to clean up the mess.

What About Large Items?

Curbside collection is for regular household waste and recycling only. Here are a few options for you to consider when disposing of a large item: take it to the Portland Transfer Station and pay the applicable charges; take it to a waste disposal company near you; call a local contractor to dispose of it for you; call a family member or neighbour with the means to help you; donate a gently used item to a local charity or post it on social media; place it at the end of your driveway with a “free” sign on it. Diversion Options