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The Portland Transfer Station remains open during regular hours, Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8:00am – 4:00pm. We are trying to reduce cash transactions during this time; paying by debit or credit card is much appreciated. Please also respect social distancing at the Transfer Site as well. Thank you

Summer 2020 Public Works Update

Private Road Curbside Collection Policy

The Private Road Curbside Collection Policy project continues. Council wishes to thank all residents who provided input on the matter. This input helped significantly shape the proposed policy over 2020. 

Council will be considering a final version of the Draft Policy on September 14 at their regular MSC meeting. Please see the report below for the latest details.  In summary – the key issues of road bed width are now proposed to be 9ft for summer service and 11ft for year round service.  Flexibility is also proposed for turnarounds.   It is believed this approach strikes the right balance of supporting continued service to the vast majority who already receive it, and setting out a fair and consistent standard that will allow residents to update their road in the future to either gain service or expand service to year-round. 

An updated Road Listing will accompany the final Draft Policy on September 14.   Following that date, any residents who believe their road is inaccurately defined in relation to the Policy can meet directly with Staff on site to review and/or find a solution where a deficiency does exist.

August 24, 2020 Report – Private Road Curbside Collection Policy PDF

November 11, 2019 Report – Private Road Criteria PDF


2020 Alternating Recycling Calendar PDF

2020 Information Calendar PDF

2020 Recycling Guidelines Poster PDF

For waste and recycling questions, contact Amy Schur, Public Works Administrative Assistant Ext. 285, contact details on Staff page.

All households are entitled to weekly curbside collection for regular household waste and recycling.

Waste Limit: 3 clear bags – tags required.

Recycling Limit: 5 blue bags – no tags required.

Weight Limit: 40lbs/bag

All bags must be out by 7:00am

Large items must be taken to the Portland Transfer Station.

Businesses do not receive curb-side collection and must dispose of their waste & recycling at the Portland Transfer Station.

Rain Barrel Sale 2020

REAL is hosting a rain barrel sale Saturday, June 13th from 9am to 4pm at the REAL Deal Store, 85 William St. W. in Smiths Falls. Proceeds from the sale will be used to expand the Monarch Butterfly Garden REAL established last year.  People should order online by June 5.

Rain Barrel Sale Poster PDF


Most people are committed to keeping the area around their homes looking great and free of litter. “PITCH-IN RIDEAU LAKES” is an annual program that gives us a chance to join together, expand our areas and set an example to others that we truly care about the beauty and safety of our environment. With over 600 Kilometers of public roads in our Township, we need you! Think of the cumulative effort if every resident picks up one bag of garbage! Invite your friends, family members, neighbours, groups/clubs and organize a day of “pitch-in” in Rideau Lakes. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who pitch-in every year!

Participate in Rideau Lakes PITCH-IN Week every April and keep your Township looking great. PITCH-IN bags are free to volunteers and can be obtained at the Township Office and Libraries. Pick up roadside litter, place it in a PITCH-IN bag and set it out for free collection on your regular day (no bag tag required). Only pitch-in litter will be picked up, do not put your household waste in the yellow bag.

Contact Amy, Ext. 285, for more information.  Contact details on Staff page.

Rideau Lakes introduced the PITCH-IN program in 2000, and from there it has grown into an annual event, township-wide!

Diverting from Landfill

If an item still has life left in it, divert it from landfill. It is our goal to divert as much as possible, if it can still be used. As an alternative to throwing it away, donate your gently used/reusable materials and make your trash someone else’s treasure. Diversion Options