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Every residence and/or business in the township has been assigned a “9-1-1” emergency civic address number. These numbers in addition to aiding in emergency response, are also useful in helping others find you. Unfortunately, not all residents in the township have taken advantage of this.

Civic Address Signs are available from the township. These signs are reflective and easily seen day or night. To order your Civic Address Sign, complete the Civic Address Application Form and submit to the Township office with the required fee.  For information regarding Civic Addressing, contact Tracy Perrin, Development Services Analyst.  Contact details on Staff page.

Remember, if we can’t find you – we can’t help you!

Fire Protection Guidelines for Private Road Construction

The Township has guidelines for private road construction that will provide the greatest possibility for the fire department to provide full emergency response within its capabilities to do so. See Fire Protection Guidelines for Private Roads PDF .