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Rideau Lakes is embarking on a major update to our Official Plan. This regular process of review and update is required under the Planning Act. The purpose of an Official Plan is to ensure that future planning and development meets the community’s needs. Any updates to this document will be prepared through extensive public consultation to identify what those needs are. With this in mind the Township has involved the public during the initial stages to guide our update process, and has created a comprehensive community consultation strategy. This website page will be kept updated regularly with detailed information to ensure that residents can stay informed.

For more information on the Major Official Plan Update, to submit comments or to add your email to our notification list please contact:

Brittany Mulhern, Manager of Development Services

Draft Official Plan Documents

In order to make it easier for Planning Advisory Committee and the public to review the document, staff will be bringing forward sections of the Official Plan to meetings throughout the fall. See the revised Community Consultation Strategy below for details.

Section 1 and Section 2 (Waterfront Development and Economic Policies)

Community Consultation Strategy (CCS) & Meeting Notices

Staff launched the Community Consultation Strategy in early 2019, with 4 surveys, 3 discussion papers, 3 stakeholder meetings and 3 open houses to date, along with a statutory special meeting of Council. As the initial community consultation process has come to a close, staff have begun working on updating the draft Official Plan update.

After a review of all of the public and agency comments, direction from the Planning Advisory Committee and staff suggested changes, a revised timeline and Consultation Strategy was approved. The draft update will be released a section or two at a time to make it easier for the Planning Advisory Committee and the public to review the document.

September 11, 2019: Section 1 and Section 2 (Waterfront Development and Economic Policies

September 24, 2019: Section 2 (remainder)

October 9, 2019: Section 3 and Schedules

October 23, 2019: Section 4, Section 5 and Section 6

November 13: Review of incorporated comments from Planning Advisory Committee and United Counties of Leeds and Grenville into first draft

November 15: full draft update released

Revised Community Consultation Strategy (fall 2019)

Community Consultation Strategy