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Rideau Lakes is embarking on a major update to our Official Plan. This regular process of review and update is required under the Planning Act. The purpose of an Official Plan is to ensure that future planning and development meets the community’s needs. Any updates to this document will be prepared through extensive public consultation to identify what those needs are. With this in mind the Township has involved the public during the initial stages to guide our update process, and has created a comprehensive community consultation strategy. This website page will be kept updated regularly with detailed information to ensure that residents can stay informed.

For more information on the Major Official Plan Update, to submit comments or to add your email to our notification list please contact:

Malcolm Norwood, A/Manager of Development Services

Draft Official Plan Document

January 22, 2020: Draft #2

The second draft Official Plan Update document was tabled at the Planning Advisory Committee on January 22, along with a staff report outlining the major changes and remaining outstanding issues.

Official Plan Update 2019 Second Draft

January 22, 2020 Staff Report: Official Plan Update Draft #2

Below are additional comments received from the approval authority (United Counties) of the OP Update as well as interested agencies:

RVCA Groundwater & Wastewater Technical Comments

November 7, 2019: Draft #1

The first complete draft Official Plan Update document incorporates changes made during the circulation of revised documents sections throughout the fall and includes approximately 80 changes based on the comments from the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

Official Plan Update 2019 First Draft

Schedule A1 – North Crosby-Newboro

Schedule A2 – South Crosby

Schedule A3 – Bastard & South Burgess

Schedule A4 – South Elmsley

Schedule B – Development Constraints

Schedule C – Timber Resources and Hazards

Schedule D – Sourcewater Protection Areas

Settlement Area Boundary Adjustments

Below are comments received from the approval authority (United Counties) of the OP Update as well as interested agencies, in addition to staff reports addressing agency comments:

United Counties of Leeds and Grenville – First Draft Comments

Rideau Waterway Development Review Team – First Draft Comments

November 13, 2019 Staff Report regarding agency comments

Community Consultation Strategy (CCS) & Meeting Notices

Staff launched the Community Consultation Strategy in early 2019, with 4 surveys, 3 discussion papers, 3 stakeholder meetings and 4 open houses to date, along with a statutory special meeting of Council. After a review of all of the public and agency comments, direction from the Planning Advisory Committee and staff suggested changes, a revised timeline and Consultation Strategy was approved in the fall. As the initial community consultation process has come to a close, staff have finished the first draft of the update document. The full draft is now available for review. There will be additional opportunities for the public to stay involved and submit comments as the process continues.

Revised Community Consultation Strategy (November 2019)