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Build a Fence

The regulations pertaining to fences are found in the Fence By-Law.

By-Law 1998-109 – Prescribe the Height and Description of a Lawful Fence

Swimming Pool Fence

A Building Permit is required to install a Swimming Pool, and the required fencing around it.

By-Law 2018-59 – Regulate Enclosures Around Swimming Pools

Boundary Fences

The Township of Rideau Lakes retains qualified Fence Viewers to help resolve certain disputes regarding the construction and maintenance of boundary line fences.  To request a review, contact Mary Ellen Truelove, Clerk.  Contact info on Staff page.

By-Law 2004-144 – Provide for Arbitration of Fencing Disputes Between Adjoining Land Owners

Line Fences Act

Please note that boundary line disputes are not a municipal matter.