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The Development Charges Act, 1997 allows municipalities to pass a By-Law to raise revenue from new development to offset the costs incurred by the Township as a result of growth. Development charges apply to residential and non-residential construction.

Section 5 of the Act sets out the method for calculation of Development Charges. The capital costs that have been identified for the Corporation of the Township of Rideau Lakes are:

  • planning services
  • roads and bridges
  • streetlighting
  • environmental services
  • harbours
  • fire and rescue
  • emergency management
  • by-law enforcement
  • police services
  • community and leisure
  • library

2019 Schedule of Development Charges:

Residential: $3,673.54

Non-residential: $18.38/m2

Solar PV and Wind Turbine System Installations: $4,662.03 per 500 W of rated capacity. ** exemption for installations of less than 100 kW capacity.

The Development Charge is payable at the time of building permit issuance.