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We are the “Daffodil Capital of Ontario”

Some History

In the fall of 1999, one family planted daffodils along Freeland Road, Portland, to bloom for the Millennium; and every year they continue to plant different varieties.  In 2010, the Joint Beautification Sub-Committee of the Township of Rideau Lakes launched “The Daffodil Project – Making Rideau Lakes the Daffodil Capital of Ontario by 2015”.  Hundreds of residents embraced the Project and began planting daffodils throughout the Township.


In May of 2015, the Township of Rideau Lakes was officially proclaimed the “Daffodil Capital of Ontario”.  See the Proclamation pdf.  Watch the YouTube video.


Each fall, residents, beautification committees and school children plant thousands of daffodil bulbs in gardens, in public spaces, along roadsides and fence lines.

Each spring, from approximately April 25 to May 15, the daffodils show their golden blooms everywhere in the Township.


In the Fall – Plant daffodils

Get Your Feet Dirty – Plant Daffodils!

Purchase bulbs in the fall from local retailers or the Township Office.  Pre-order your daffodil bulbs by contacting the Leila at the Township Office.  Contact details on the Staff page.  Pay when you pick up your bulbs in October.

Check out our Daffodils for Dummies Tip Sheet PDF

2020 Daffodil Bulbs Prices (before HST)

King Alfred
$10/doz or $80/100
Very Large-Sized Bulbs, 16″-18″ tall

$6/doz or $45/100
Tiny Multipliers, 6″- 8″ tall


Pheasant Eye
$10/doz or $80/100
Late Blooming, Fragrant, Deer Resistant,  12″- 14″ tall

In the Spring – Take the Daffodil Days Tour

Drive or cycle to special daffodil viewing locations during blooming time and enjoy masses of these gorgeous harbingers of Spring. 

Daffodil Days Tour Brochure

Daffodil Days Brochure PDF

Submit a Location

Do you know where there is an awesome display of daffodils each spring?  Send the address or location description to Leila Ext. 238 for inclusion in the Daffodil Days Tour brochure.  Daffodil photos are also welcome.  Contact info on the Staff page.

Watch for places that need daffodils – and plant some there in the fall!