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The Township of Rideau Lakes, in conjunction with the Bass Lake Property Owners Association, has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the Bass Lake Dam and Control Structure to address long term lake levels within Bass Lake.  The study, being completed by Water’s Edge, will explore opportunities to replace the existing dam and determine an appropriate lake level.

The project limits are from approximately 50 metres upstream to approximately 100 metres downstream of the existing dam and lake outlet located at the northeast end of Bass Lake within the Township of Rideau Lakes (refer to Key Plan). Once the overall deficiencies and surrounding environment are better understood through background investigations and technical assessments, a preliminary set of alternative solutions will be evaluated and presented to interested stakeholders at a Zoom based e-meeting Public Open House set for July 28, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. (recording below).  The Study will be completed and available for a 30-day public review in September 2020.

Building upon previous work completed by the Township (e.g. Bass Lake Outlet Berm Investigations – Jp2g Consultants, August 29, 2019), the Study shall be carried out in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process under the Environmental Assessment Act.  As part of the Class EA process an evaluation of alternatives, assessment of potential environmental effects and identification of mitigation measures for potential adverse impacts will be conducted and presented through public and agency consultations. The Class EA process will take into account adjacent private properties, aquatic habitat concerns, future operations and maintenance, aesthetics, safety, and social and recreational uses.

Cost Recovery By-Law

This project is being completed for the benefit of the property owners on Bass Lake.  It seeks to resolve decades of conflict and concern over the existing un-permitted private outlet berm and associated lake level management.  The Township Council has agreed to pay (grant) 50% of the project costs.  The Township is planning to recover the other 50% of costs from the benefiting property owners.  A Special Services Charge By-law has been proposed to give this cost recovery legal force and effect.

A draft by-law as well as a proposed formula for calculating the individual property charge has been developed in concert with the BLPOA.  While the applicable charge will not be finalized until the project is complete and all costs known, based on available estimates and the BLPOA recommended formula, it is anticipated the average charge will be $385 per residential/rural property (based on an assessed value of $340,000).  A separate levy will be negotiated for commercial properties.  The Township welcomes comments from interested parties on the proposed formula to calculate the charge and the draft by-law to give it legal effect.
Draft Special Services By-Law (Cost Recovery) PDF

Per Property Assessment Charge

The Bass Lake Property Owners Association (BLPOA) Board of Directors has been assessing various options for calculating the applicable per property charge under the Special Service Charge by-law.  They are recommending a hybrid formula that applies a standard flat rate equal across all properties blended with a variable rate based on your property’s MPAC assessment.
BLPOA Report – Township Special Services Levy PDF.

Determining Appropriate Lake Level

Bass Lake Water Level Memo 20200714 PDF

Recorded Public Open House – July 28, 2020 

Recorded Open House Meeting

For further information regarding this project, or to submit public comments/concerns, please contact either of the following:

Mike Dwyer, CAO
Township of Rideau Lakes
1439 County Road 8,
Delta, ON  K0E 1G0
(613) 928-2345 #231

Ed Gazendam, Ph.D., P.Eng.
President, Sr. Engineer
Water’s Edge Environmental Solutions Team Ltd.
25 Water Street South
Cambridge, ON  N1R 3C7
(519) 651-2390

Bass Lake Outlet Studies

Reports by JP2G

Bass Lake Outlet Investigation Report – August 29, 2019

Bass Lake Outlet Investigation – July 19, 2019

Public/Town Hall Meetings

At the public meetings JP2G provided an overview of the studies’ context and history, public feedback received to date, options for the outlets, and fielded public questions.

Bass Lake:

Bass Lake Presentation – June 22 2019

Saturday, June 22 starting at 8:30am at South Elmsley Municipal Complex (441 Highway 15)


Consultation Period: May – June 14, 2019

Bass Lake Outlet and Water Level Management Survey

Online Bass Lake Outlet Consultation

2019-05-14 Notice of Consultation – Bass Lake PDF

Bass Lake & Otter Lake Study Project Terms

The Township has engaged an independent engineering firm, JP2G, to:

  • review the current Otter and Bass Lake outlets,
  • determine the range of technical options available to address stakeholder concerns;
  • conduct inclusive and informed public consultation; and
  • determine a preferred option for changes to the outlets, if any.

Otter and Bass Lake Outlets – Project Terms from RFP

Background Information

Review past Township reports, resolutions and correspondence related to Bass and Otter Lakes